An Entire Lost Continent Was Found Under The Island Of Mauritius (Wait! What?!)

Today I was browsing through headlines when I happened upon a rather shocking find.  Scientists claim to have found a lost continent under an existing island.  No, it’s not Atlantis.  More’s the pity.  So, how in the age of Google Earth could we have missed a whole continent?  Read on to see how this all came about.

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The Curse of Giles Corey

By Dara Cook


You all have probably heard about The Salem Witch Trials and the atrocities that a group of hysterical and superstitious people committed.  But have you ever heard about the man who allegedly cursed Salem and its sheriffs from then on?

When the witch trials began Giles Corey and his wife Martha were some of the first people to attend the trials.  They sat enthralled while neighbor after neighbor viciously accused each other of superstitious wickedness.

Soon, though, that would come back to haunt them.

Martha began to doubt the accusations and begged Giles to stop attending and stay away from the trials.  In the spirit of the time everyone began to suspect Martha.

Martha was soon arrested and tried and her husband Giles even testified against her!  Then less than a month later the chickens came home to roost. Giles Corey was accused of practicing witchcraft against his neighbors, The Putnams.  He was arrested and quickly brought to trial.

Witnesses came forth making all kinds of accusations and writhed and hollered as he “conjured” against them in the court room.  Corey quickly changed his mind about the trials.  He became wise and decided to “stand mute” and never entered a plea which ground his trial to a halt.  Under English law if a prisoner stood mute the sheriff was to torture them until an answer was given (Thank God for the 5th amendment in the constitution!  God bless the USA!)

In September of 1692 Sheriff Corwin stripped Giles naked, made him lay on the ground, and put a board over his chest and kept adding stones until Giles cried out and answered with a plea.  Giles was a tough old bird though and the torture lasted 2-3 days.  Giles was heard to holler “More weight!”  every time the Sheriff began to interrogate him.

After days of this very public and painful torture Corey began to succumb to his injuries.  Before he died he let out a gurgling shout at his tormentor, “Damn you!  I curse you and all of Salem!”.

Because of the horrific way Corey died,  public attention was brought to the outrageous and distasteful system of The Salem With Trials. Many citizens began to rethink the trials and the mass hysteria seemed to blow over.

This man [Giles Corey] was eighty-one years old; and the barbarous death penalty inflicted on him by the officers of the law, tended to awaken the people to a realization of the grave responsibility resting on them as a Christian community. Doubts began to be felt in the public mind as to the justice of the prosecutions, and the inevitable sentence, and execution.” (Source: A Historical sketch of Salem)

Peace was finally brought to Salem…or so it seemed.

4 years later, Sheriff Corwin died of a massive heart attack at the young age of 30.  Local legend says that Giles not only cursed Corwin, but every Salem sheriff from then on.

“About 300 years later, in 1978, Robert Cahill – while in office – suffered a rare blood disease, a heart attack and a stroke. Doctors could not find the cause of his afflictions. He was forced to retire as sheriff of Essex County and as Master and Keeper of the jail. Today he lives in Florida. Mr. Cahill notes that the sheriff before him also contracted a serious blood ailment while in office; it forced him to retire. He, in turn, had inherited the post from his father after the elder man died of a heart attack…while serving as sheriff. The previous sheriff had suffered heart problems as well. ‘So have all the others, as far back as I could trace,’ he says. ‘And the two men who have followed me have had an awful lot of [legal] trouble.’” (Source: Cursed in New England by Cahill)

Legend goes that since the jail was moved from Salem to Middleton in 1991 the curse was broken and spared the future sheriffs.

Legend of the Piasa 

By Dara Cook

In 1673 Father Jacques Marquette and Louis Joliet chronicled their exploration of the Mississippi River.  During their travels they noted that near what is present present day Alton, Illinois they came into contact with members of the Illinois tribe.   

They were invited to the tribe’s village where they met the chief, ate and stayed the night.  The next day as they rounded a sharp curve in the river they noticed a strange painting up high on a bluff.  The Illinois had warned them of this and told them the following legend:

Before the village of the Illini, the mighty river swept to the south, clear and fresh. The surrounding woods were rich with game. The bluffs and the mighty trees shielded the Illini from the harsh winds that sometimes swept in from the north. Their village was a secure and happy place. Chief of the Illini was Ouatoga (Watoga). He was old and had led his tribe in the ways of peace for most of his lifetime. Ouatoga and his people loved their home and their way of life. Then one morning, as the sun began to climb towards the summit of its cloudless sky, terror touched the Illini. The village stirred. A number of younger braves were leaving on an early morning fishing expedition. Some were already on the river in their canoes, others preparing to embark, when suddenly the very earth seemed to shudder with the sound of an alien scream.

Out of the Western sky came a gigantic flying monster. Its body was much the size and shape of a horse; long, white fangs stabbed upward from the protruding lower jaw and flames leaped from its nostrils; two white, deer-like horns angled wickedly from its head. Its huge wings pounded the air with such force the trees bent; its stubby legs held dagger-like talons and its spiked tail wound around the grotesque body three times.
Almost before the braves realized their danger, the beast, soon to be named the Piasa Bird, swooped across the beach and carried one away. From that moment on, the Illini were terrorized by this incredible and blood-thirsty monster. Each morning and afternoon thereafter, the Piasa Bird came, shattering the peace of the village with its blood-chilling screams and the thunderous beat of its wings. More often than not, it returned to its lair with a victim.
The Illini looked to their chief, Ouatoga, for a solution to this menace. Time and time again he had led them through the trials of famine, illness, and the threat of warlike tribes. But Ouatoga felt helpless before this danger and the years weighed heavily upon him. The beast seemed invulnerable. His body was covered with scales, like a coat-of-mail. The best efforts of Tera-hi-on-a-wa-ka, the arrow maker, and the tribe’s finest archers were to no avail.
Then Ouatoga appealed to the Great Spirit. For nearly a full moon he prayed and fasted. Then in a dream he found the answer. The body of the Piasa Bird was not protected under the wings. After offering thanks to the Great Spirit, Ouatoga called the tribe together and devised a plan that could destroy the Piasa Bird. All that day Tera-hi-on-a-wa-ka sharpened arrowheads and painted them with poison while the tribe fasted and prayed. That night, Ouatoga and six of the finest braves crept to the top of the high bluff overlooking the Great Father of Waters. When dawn came only Ouatoga was visible, standing straight and firm in full view. The braves were hidden nearby behind a rock ledge, bows ready.
Suddenly, the scream of the Piasa Bird broke the silence and the winged monster swept into view. Immediately it sighted Ouatoga and with what seemed a shriek of delight, it pounced. As it did, Ouatoga fell to the ground and grasped the strong roots that grew there. The pain of the talons sinking into his flesh inspired him to grip the roots even more tightly. As the Piasa Bird raised its great wings in an effort to carry off its victim, the six braves stepped from their hiding place and shot six poisoned arrows into the unprotected place beneath the beast’s wings. Again and again the bird raised its wings to fly. But Ouatoga held fast and each time six poisoned arrows drove into the bird’s vulnerable spot. Finally, the poison did its job. With a scream of agony, the Piasa Bird released its hold on Ouatoga and plunged down the bluff to disappear forever in the swift waters of the great river.


After the great chief healed and the tribe celebrated a depiction of the great terror bird was painted onto the bluff high above where the creature fell to its doom.   Whenever the tribe floated past that terrible painting they would fire their arrows at it in tribute to Ouatoga.

So what was the great terror?  A dragon? A giant condor?  Perhaps that great legend was a Thunderbird?  Whatever it was the Mighty Mississippi keeps the secret in its deep and murky depths and old man river is not telling.